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If your tasks involve any simulation work I would highly recommend to start using RE-Studio as it is arguably the most intuitive and user-friendly solution available in the market currently for project management and pre/post processing. Additionally, the support team is very receptive to new ideas so the software is continuously being updated and improved from the moment to start using it.



At ERCE we use RE-Studio across most of our simulation work. The Project Manager allows for continuity as different engineers are re-assigned across various projects. The real-time error checking of simulation files means we spend much less time debugging. The automatic linking of Include files makes auditing clients models built in other software so much simpler. We love the 3D viewer, it’s probably the best, most intuitive product for visualising grids results we’ve seen.


Focus Petroleum

There are several software packages for pre and post-processing of dynamic simulation data, and RE Studio from Amarile is probably one of the best on the market. My favourite modules: Project Manager: easily create, interrogate, modify and keep track of your simulation runs/decks. 2D Viewer: plot and analyse production data (2D), create new vectors, export, etc. 3D Viewer: QC, create, and export grid properties, extensive filtering options, work with well completions and trajectories. Additional modules with built-in correlations for PVT and relative permeability tables preparation and QC, RFT plotting, batch runs, Schedule builder and PRT viewer. Finally, their support team is fantastic, fast and efficient. Reservoir engineers involved in the dynamic simulations should at least try RE Studio from Amarile.



RE-Studio is fully adapted to dynamic simulations. More than easy-use, it allows me to understand most of the problems I can encounter. All Tools (comparator, 2D viewer, PRT viewer,...) deal with major issues of reservoir engineering jobs, saving lots of time!