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Neptune Energy

Amarile RE Studio is an advanced pre- and post-processor for industry simulators. It helps subsurface decision making time-efficient and conclusive; especially with its advanced filtering and customization capabilities. 3D viewer has developed significantly over time and offers cutting-edge filtering and visualizations capabilities. Project Manager and comparison tools are great resources to stay focused and keep track of runs in the reservoir simulation projects.



I have mostly used the 2D plot and the DATA editor functionalities. I really liked the super-efficient way of plotting results, the panel/graph options, the quick way of selecting models, objects, quantities etc. in the panel. There is no doubt that RE-Studio really improved my efficiency when working with Eclipse simulation data processing. I am keen to explore RE-Studio other functionalities and do things even more efficiently. The support team is very helpful when facing issues.


Total Energies

Re-Studio is a very easy to use tool, very helpful and powerful as Eclipse pre-processor and post-processor. I highly recommend its use to reservoir engineers having to prepare and analyse Eclipse simulations.



So far, RE-Studio has been the best software I have been using in my everyday work. Very well thought, with a very proactive & listening team ready to implement new ideas or correct bugs right away. Don’t hesitate any second, try it and you will wonder how you were working without it before !